Gaijin Omakase 


Not just's quite the event.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday
+ Once Monthly Epic Sunday Brunch

On the second Sunday of every month, a ridiculous, boozy, all-day Sunday brunch.
Come indulge yourself with lobster, crab, caviar, Champagne and much more. 

       All in our top-secret location...

5 minutes from Cherry Creek, Denver

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Gaijin Omakase:

In the ways of the drunken samurai, decadence to the point of dishonor:

Gaijin Omakase springs from the dream of a rare oasis, where only the best booze flows, the finest food is served and no one cares if you are in flip-flops.  


We hold food, alcohol and humor in very high esteem. We grew tired of 'high end' meaning boring, and 'fun' meaning terrible food. Hence, we give you Gaijin Omakase, where you are meant to enjoy the finest things in life and let it all hang out.  


In this beautiful place of escape from the mundane there are only 8 very comfortable seats at the bar and they are attended by only the two owners. Our sole mission is for you to have an amazing night out. We serve you the finest sushi along with lots of other surprises for a total of roughly 15 courses. We pair it all with the world's most fabulous wines to create a dining experience like no other....anywhere....not even Tokyo. We have a slew of hard-to-get whiskies and after dinner drinks. The world is yours and our place is yours for the evening. There is even Karaoke and the party rarely ends early.


Full Omakase including pairings; Thursday thru Saturday at 6:30 p.m.  The price changes weekly to reflect market prices. Week of 1/20 - 1/22 - $430/person.

Second Sunday of Every Month Brunch: 

Lobster, crab, champagne, caviar and much more.

All without limit.   $490/person 

Want the finer things at home? We want to share with you our access to the very best Japanese Wagyu, caviar, fish, seafood and wines you just can't get in Denver. We offer you quality that puts all others to shame at prices that let you know how bad the other clowns have been ripping you off. Just ask us.

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