Gaijin Omakase


Not just dinner...a night out.

Until November

Thursday - Saturday

Beginning November 1

Thursday, Friday & Epic Sunday Brunch

       All in our top-secret location...

5 minutes from Cherry Creek, Denver

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Gaijin Omakase:

In the ways of the drunken samurai, decadence before dishonor:

Gaijin Omakase springs from the dream of a rare oasis, where only the best booze flows and the finest food is served and no one cares if you are in flip-flops.  


We hold food, alcohol and humor in very high esteem. We grew tired of 'high end' meaning boring and 'fun' meaning terrible food. Hence, we give you Gaijin Omakase where you are meant to enjoy the best things in life and let it all hang out. Everyone needs to cut loose in their own way. Dress crazy, dance on the bar, belt some bad karaoke. In vino veritas, and nowhere in the world is honest human behavior more encouraged than at the Gaijin Omakase.  


In this beautiful place of escape from the mundane, there are only 8 very comfortable seats at the bar and they are attended by only the two owners. Our sole mission is for you to have an amazing night out. We serve you the world's finest sushi, along with lots of other surprises, and pour you as much incredible wine as you would like. How long you stay after dinner for tomfoolery is up to you.


If you come with a curious mind, a sushi loving palate and looking to have a good time, you will have the night of your life. Please don't come if you are a fussy person and/or just someone miserable who is looking to hate. You know who you are, or if your partner is that way, and you just rain on everyone else's parade. 


Full Omakase including pairings; Thursday, Friday, Saturday 6:30 p.m.  The price changes weekly to reflect market prices. Week of 10/21 - 10/23 - $395/person.

Please note: We have tried to keep it classy and were requiring no deposit. Naturally, folks have ruined that with too many last minute cancelations, mostly with weak excuses. We have just 8 seats and only fill them once per night so that your party lasts as long as you would like. Just one couple's dog eating their homework costs us 25% of our nightly revenue. We are sorry, but we must now take a $200 non-refundable deposit, per person, at the time of the booking. Thank you for your understanding.

Starting in November, Sunday Brunch: 

Lobster, crab, champagne, caviar and much more.

All without limit. Now taking reservations.  

       $490/person.....FYI: Sunday the 14th is Gregg's birthday. Be ready to rumble. 

For reservations, more info or if you know the whereabouts of Amelia Earhart. 

Call, text or email an Owner: